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João Torneiro


João Filipe Torneiro is an experienced entrepreneurship professional and founder of US4MORE, a Business Consultancy & Advisory start-up.

João delivers the combined value of an experienced general business manager, CMO, commercial director, strategist, project manager, and engineer. He has deep experience in engaging and advising clients at all management levels from business owners and C-suite leaders to functional teams across multiple industries and cultures. He advises clients on strategy, leadership, digital transformation, innovation, energy, mobility, project management, marketing, value selling, sales management, communication, loyalty, experience management, and, most importantly, customer centricity. His value proposition is based on #CCLoop, a holistic framework João developed to empower companies to generate value by increasing customer-centricity maturity levels.

Before US4MORE, João started out as a merchant marine engineer and had a successful professional career in the energy, retail/convenience, and industry sectors. For 25 years his career has been built in Galp on a path of proven results and success through delivering complex business transformation initiatives and projects. He has led multiple companies, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams, (B2B and B2C) commercial Iberian organizations, and large-scale projects including the engineering of Sines LNG terminal and several EPC projects.

Marketing Specialist by IPAM. “Executive Scholar Certificate” by Kellogg School of Management. His training includes postgraduate degrees in leadership (London Business School), management (PAGE by Universidade Católica) and strategy (INSEAD). He is a Specialist in Energy by “Ordem dos Engenheiros”, graduated in mechanical engineering (IST) and in marine machinery engineering (Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique).

João lectures at IPAM Lisbon, leading modules in "Disruptive Business Models" and "Marketing Metrics & Analytics" as part of IPAM's Global master’s in marketing. He is also a faculty member at the London School of Design and Marketing and a guest lecturer on several postgraduate and executive programs at NOVA SBE, ISEG, ISCTE, Universidade Europeia, Universidade Lusófona, Instituto Formação Bancária and APGEI

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